Welcome to a new year!

Now that the festivities are out of the way, our thoughts turn to Spring arriving and hopefully the sunshine making a welcome appearance! Spring is often seen as a time of renewal and rebirth and, with that in mind, perhaps you should take a fresh look at your current website and marketing situation. We have spent a great chunk of the winter redesigning and updating existing clients websites ready for the new year ahead. From simple software updates through to full blown site makeovers and even one or two logo changes.

Keeping on top of the trends in design and website delivery is what we do and there is, without doubt, a shift towards more simple websites, often just a single page in the form of an app on mobile devices. Quick grab information is the order of the day.

Does your current website clearly explain what your business does right from the first page?

Do you solve a problem or provide a solution to your site visitor?

Can they easily purchase your product or book your services?

To be honest, a lot people don't care how long you have been trading or that your Grandfather established the business back in the forties! You can explain all of that once your visitor becomes a customer. A tad harsh perhaps but we live in a quick grab information society and your customer facing should reflect that. We admit that this is not for every business. But you get the point.

Take a fresh look at your current marketing and consumer touch points to see if you can trim any fat away to make your customer experience smoother and perhaps a little easier.

Then, be outstanding. Over deliver to your customer and you will anchor for future sales.

I appreciate that this is not rocket science but it can be so so easy for the time to go by and never get around to refreshing your marketing. 

So here we are, a new year and maybe a new you? Hmmm but you certainly can have a new marketing package!

Say hello to us to see if we can help you get the most out of the big 18...

Have a good day!











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