Honest marketing. Oxymoron?

We accept that it can be a bit of a struggle to find the right web developer to work with.
After all, there are so many to choose from and all very capable of offering you a very good service, we are sure.

With that in mind, we thought it would be cool to give you a glimpse into how we approach our work and how it could be different to the way others may approach working with you.

First and foremost, we are very honest.
Not just in a, trust us with your pet dog kind of way but also in how we look at your business.
Sometimes, you can't have everything and sometimes, you don't need everything.
We are not a catch all business. We are handy at gaining high ranking search results but we don't offer SEO services.
We love creating interesting sites and graphics but we are not Pixar Studios.
We build and look after online shops but we are not going to cause sleepless nights for ASDA.


What we are good at though, is listening to you, getting an understanding of you and your business and then producing work perhaps a little different with new idea's and a new perspective.
For example, do you find it awkward to talk about your business and about how great you are? A lot of people do. And you can often be 'too close' to your business and nervous about pushing your brand. We see this a lot.


We often start by riffing on idea's and thought's about your business, where we think you are positioned and who you are up against. Then we go back to basics and explore if your business fits a niche. One small sector of your market where you can dominate. Be the Don. Own the niche.

Grow your business from there. Aim your marketing and touch points dead centre at that market. Create turnover. Create growth. And market share.
We take away the burden of self marketing your business. That's what we do. Remotely and seamlessly in the background. And make sure we all stick to the plan.


A quote I like to use a lot from my days in retail was about a very large national chain store who came unstuck in terms of like for like sales. "The problem they have is that they try to sell you things from the day your are born, till the day you die."
You see what I mean?
We help find your niche market and then own it.

Well there you go, a glimpse into our minds and the way we think. I will broaden this out in later blogs but I hope at least one eyebrow may have twitched a little.
One last thought, why does a marketing company that offers SEO services amongst a plethora of other impressive skills only appear on page nine of Google?

I dunno...

Have great day!

Colin Stratford
So&So marketing.

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