A common problem with websites…

Marketing Weymouth

We have worked with numerous clients from a wide range of industries and markets over the years and very often we see a similar pattern when it comes to marketing, especially online. Many small businesses have a website designed and built in the early days but very often due to being busy and life in general taking over, they get forgotten or at least overlooked. The original designers have long disappeared and now you are left with an out of date website, unsure of how to take control of it again. Updates have been very few and far between, if at all.

So perhaps you want to start again? You then discover that your original domain name is not available and you can’t seem to wrestle it from the original hosts. Here we go again right?

Your web address needs to be updated along with all of your business stationery and vehicle graphics.

Frustrating times.

We feel your pain, we’ve seen it so often.

You will get back in control.

Your domain name will be yours to use whenever you want. Take it with you. Your graphics will be copyrighted to you, your website will be updated or even rebuilt to stay up with the changes in technology and trends.

You can get on with running your business and your marketing will be bubbling away in the background, at all times.

If this sounds like the sort of experience you are having or you don’t want to have, call us today and discuss what you want and take back control of your marketing.


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